Sidewalk Mystery Fangeflugten Aalborg

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Today’s August 23, 1943, and your group, in consultation with the Freedom Council, has decided that Vagn Nielsen from the resistance movement must be released from Aalborg Arrest as soon as possible.

Late last night, Vagn was suddenly arrested in connection with a search of a pub in Reberbansgade.

Vagn is a central figure in the North Jutland resistance movement. He is therefore familiar with the identities of many comrades in the movement and knows who has committed numerous acts of sabotage. He is also deeply involved in the planning of the upcoming sabotage actions on the railways and in factories producing for the occupying power.

There are fears that he will be subjected to torture as soon as he is transferred to German custody. If he breaks under torture, it could have fatal consequences for the entire North Jutland resistance. According to a source in the prison, he will be handed over to the German Gestapo tomorrow, so it’s urgent to get him out.

Your task is to plan and execute the liberation operation from the Aalborg prison. You will then transport Vagn Nielsen to a collection point, from where he will be transported to Sweden so that he can continue his work for the resistance movement.

Escape from custody is an outdoor adventure where the mystery unfolds in the urban space around you. Enter a world of excitement, puzzles and challenges that will test your ingenuity and teamwork skills to the limit. Our outdoor escape room experience combines elements of mystery and adventure to create an unforgettable experience for you and your fellow adventurers.

As a participant, you will be drawn into a gripping story where nothing is what it seems. Discover hidden clues, solve puzzles and uncover secrets as you explore parts of Aalborg filled with excitement and surprises.

Are you ready to test your skills as a resistance fighter and take on the task as an active part of the resistance movement?

Gather your most skilled team and prepare to enter a world of codes, puzzles and deception in our incredible outdoor escape room experience: Escape from custody.

The mission starts near Aalborg Detention center:
9000 Aalborg

DURATION2 – 3 hours