The poltergeist at Bispetorvet

Here at Bispetorv, mysterious things have been happening in recent days.

Several have experienced sudden temperature changes. Others report being blown on the back of the neck by someone with very bad breath. Yet, as they scanned their surroundings, they found themselves solitary in the square.

Yesterday, several people were pushed to the ground in the square, and it happened without anyone else being nearby.

A young couple who were out walking with their newborn in the pram also reported to the police that the equestrian statue of Christian the 10th was swaying.

Even if it’s not a major crime, it’s still a disturbance of public order.

The police have therefore investigated the cases, but without being able to find a natural explanation.

In a few previous cases, the police have consulted a psychic medium who has helped solve a crime.

The medium has been contacted again and believes that it must be a spirit that needs help to cross over to the afterlife. The media is currently tracking in Nepal and cannot contribute further.

You specialize in supernatural phenomena

That’s why you’ve been called in to investigate the incidents in Aarhus Midtby and, if possible, help the spirit move on to the afterlife.

Are you ready to help keep the spirit alive and keep the peace in the city?

The Poltergeist at Bispetorvet is an outdoor escape room game inspired by real-life events and Aarhusian personalities

As soon as your payment has gone through, you will receive the Game Guide, Game Code and Link to the game.

Each game code gives access to log into the game with a mobile phone once.

Please note that this game includes audio and video material that must be played on your mobile phone.


349,00 kr. including tax     Add to cart


349,00 kr. including tax     Add to cart

DURATION: 2-3 hours
LENGTH: 2.5 km.


Your outdoor escape room game starts at the sculpture:
The equestrian statue of Christian X
8000 Aarhus C.

The game ends approximately 200 meters from the starting point.