The Vicar and the Witch in Aarhus Cathedral 1663

Last night, Bishop Morten Madsen passed away at age 47 after being ill for two weeks.

Vicar Erik Agersen believes that he is the rightful successor to the position of bishop after Morten Madsen.

Previously, King Christian IV insinuated that Agersen would be appointed to the position. However, there have been recent revelations that Erik Agersen may have been under the spell of Caroline Madsen, a young maid.

Your role as the king’s special emissary is to aid his men in identifying the potential witch residing in the Vicar’s household. Your objective is to prove or disprove Caroline Madsen’s involvement in witchcraft and dark magic.

The king is determined that all witches must be exorcised and, if necessary, sentenced to death by witch burning.

Just two years ago, Maren Splids was burned at the stake in Ribe after being convicted as a witch. Torture had to be used to force her to tell the truth and confess.

Can you save Caroline Madsen from being burned at the stake?

This game draws inspiration from real-life events that took place during King Christian IV’s reign.

The mission starts at the entrance to the:
Aarhus Cathedral
8000 Aarhus C


349,00 kr. including tax     Add to cart


349,00 kr. including tax     Add to cart

DURATION: 2 – 3 hours
LENGTH: 2.5 km.
LEVEL: Medium


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