Sidewalk Mystery isn’t just for individual adventurous souls. It can also be used as a great company activity that promotes team building and creates fun moments with colleagues.

We’ll take you on a journey filled with exciting challenges that require teamwork, while you get to know each other better and strengthen your ability to solve everyday problems.

Fun team building activity for your next employee day or company party

With a Sidewalk Mystery, you’re guaranteed a few exciting and challenging hours in the company of your colleagues. It will be a unique and memorable experience that will strengthen the bonds between you and create a fun community.

We guarantee you a couple of exciting and challenging hours in the company of your colleagues, where you will be challenged on both your logical thinking and teamwork. It will be an experience you won’t forget!

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Perfect for bachelor parties and other events

To solve the puzzles and challenges that await you, you’ll need to work together and use your creative and logical mind. That’s whySidewalk Mystery is the perfect activity for a summer trip, before the Christmas party, for team building or other similar events. Here you can enjoy a few hours together under the open sky, solve puzzles and learn more about the city and its secrets.

A Sidewalk Mystery is best solved in groups of 2 to 5 people, and we recommend that teams start 10 minutes apart. That way everyone can participate and get the full experience.

Volume discount

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