Sidewalk Mystery Nørrebrogade i brand

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The year is 1944 and the People’s Strike is at its peak.

For several days, large parts of Copenhagen’s workers have refused to show up for work. The uprising has spread rapidly at the behest of the Freedom Council and has so far claimed the lives of up to 100 people.

Most of the deaths are related to the strike itself and the many demonstrations. But under the cover of the unrest, snitch killings and, in retaliation, more so-called clearing murders are taking place on the streets.

In the midst of the fighting around Nørrebrogade, one murder stands out. The murdered man had no direct connection to the resistance movement, was not known to the public and was in his home.

The Danish police are working under very difficult conditions and are struggling to prevent the violence from escalating further. However, in the chaos that the whole of Copenhagen is in, the police choose to attribute the killing to riots at the demonstrations.

The victim is 26-year-old Eva Larsen, who was found dead with 3 gunshots to the head and chest.

Her husband, 32-year-old Casper Larsen, has told the police that he found his wife dead when he returned home from a pub at around 11pm. Eva was still warm and the blood had not yet clotted, so the killing must have happened just before.

A member of your resistance group is a close relative of Eva Larsen and has asked the Freedom Council for help.

The illegal Freedom Council has approved the investigation and your task is to try to solve the murder.

The mission starts at:
2200 Copenhagen N

DURATION2 – 3 hours