Tips to get the most out of the game

  • Start with fully charged cell phones.
  • Divide the roles so you know who remembers what.
  • Pay attention to everything. The solution lies either in the material provided or in the environment you are in.
  • Take notes along the way, even of something that may seem unimportant at the moment. Either in writing or by taking a picture of what you might need later.
  • Close all other browser windows before scanning the QR code and starting the game.
  • You can easily lock the screen and open it again. However, you should avoid turning off your phone, closing the browser or reloading the page as this will interrupt your game.
  • Each password gives access to log in once.
  • Always press “CHECK” when you have entered an answer to a task.

Sidewalk Mystery is a team assignment

A Sidewalk Mystery can be played by 2-6 people, but 3-4 people in a team is optimal.

If you are more than 6 participants, it is recommended that you play in different teams, which also allows you to compete against each other on points or time spent.

To play a Sidewalk Mystery, you must follow the instructions in the game description, which you must download after purchase. In addition to passwords to access the game, you will also find a QR code that you need to scan to access the game itself.


Throughout the game you are guided around the city, solving mysteries, puzzles and codes along the way.

The entire tour takes place outdoors, so make sure to dress appropriately.

The questions are answered by typing the answer and pressing “CHECK” or choosing from different options.

Once you have typed the answer and press “CHECK” or select an answer option, you will be told if you have answered correctly.

You’ll also get a description of how to get to the next stop on the tour.

Help along the way

First and foremost: Read and understand the task at hand.

Remember, you’ve often been given the answer to the question, but you may not have noticed. Sometimes the answer can be found in your surroundings, or in the form of riddles, codes or similar.

Games at “Easy” and “Medium” level

At the top left of the screen is a “HINT” button, which in some cases allows you to get a hint to answer the question and move forward.

If, despite the hint, you can’t figure out the right answer, make a guess. If you guess right, you get points, and if you guess wrong, you’ll be told what the answer was, along with instructions on how to move on to the next stop.

Especially for games on the “Hard” level

There is limited help available and “HINT” is only an option for some questions. A hint never answers but suggests a possible solution to the task.

You may encounter double-encrypted codes and different languages. So you may not always be able to tell right away if you’re on the right track.

See more about difficulty levels on the FAQ page.


After each task in the mission, you will be guided to the next task with a description of how to get to the next task.
The most obvious route is always described.


As a rule, we plan the routes so that they are wheelchair accessible. The routes use public sidewalks, roads and paths in the urban area. If we know in advance that there are road conditions along the way that make wheelchair access difficult, we will provide an alternative route during the game itself.

The technical

All missions can be completed on mobile phones with standard applications such as browser and maps.
There is no need to install an app or anything else to play.

However, to make sure that all parts of the game work, it is necessary to accept cookies.

A Sidewalk Mystery typically requires around 20-30 MB of data.
That’s the same amount of data as scrolling down Facebook or Instagram for about a minute.

Try a demo game

You can try it out by clicking on or scanning this QR code with your mobile phone.